Energy saving ZoZ Group

Energy saving for The Roxan Group comprises two techniques of energy conservation and efficient energy use. Energy conservation is the reduction of energy consumption through using less of an energy service and efficient energy use, as the name suggests, is using less energy for a constant service

Though energy conservation results in energy services reduction, it has good effects as well, naming increased environmental quality, financial security and greater savings. When speaking of sustainability, a must program of modern industries, energy saving heads the list.

The Roxan group suggests that energy saving can be achieved through innovations and development. In the industry of gas and oil, gas transmission requires process, repair and maintenance equipment that cause no losses. Plausible leakages of gas must be controlled by testing and applying cutting-edge facilities.

In the oil and gas industry, energy saving is a vital prerequisite and certain key actions must be followed. This program outlines:

  • refining operations efficiency
  • controlling and reducing waste
  • managing effectivity of systems
  • assessing systems standards
  • managing heating and cooling systems
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