The Roxan Group Services

Water Management

The Roxan Group water management section is an adequate response to today’s complex water challenges, exclusively focusing on management practices and cost effective solutions based which meet unique water management needs of our customers. Enjoying an experienced team, locating reliable water sources, drilling, transmitting, water treating, blending water for reuse, and wastewater treatment are our scheduled tasks. Water management is of particular importance in oil and gas industry since it reserves cannot be accessed deprived of control preplanning for contaminant-laden flow-back and produced water.


The Roxan Group employs highly advanced operations in production technologies and control systems in order to heighten the efficiency of resource utilization of both energy and water. In an overall view, the services offered can be listed as follows:

  • Water Sourcing and Supply
  • Water Transfer
  • Water Storage
  • Wastewater Treatment


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